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Wine storage has the following key

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Cork has a low density, good flexibility, scalability strong, impermeable, corrosion or bad, anti-catabolic, anti-deterioration and other features, you can maintain the same quality wine for years. General level usually used wine corks length of about 3.5 cm to about 5 cm, more high-quality wine corks used more than 5 cm in length and more. General quality wine corks to use longer, but using a long wine cork does not guarantee must be high quality wines.
Room temperature
We often hear a subsection wine best fit "at room temperature for drinking," in the end is how many degrees it at room temperature? In fact, at room temperature usually refers to the origin of the temperature, not the Chinese room temperature. To French wines, the temperature usually refers to 16-18 degrees Celsius. For the vast expanse of China, in addition to the winter, the temperature most of the way to achieve both need to be refrigerated, do not be spilled on the normal condition, of course, that it is "room temperature."
Wine glass selection
Select the appropriate wine glass to fully taste the wines of identifying, wine tasting glasses used when necking with tulip-type or transparent glass for the last election, the aroma of the wine can be concentrated near the mouth of the cup for easy sniffing judgment. Do not have carved or have other colors, the color of the wine produced in order to avoid misjudgment.
Wine gets better not
Wine is not the better it tastes. After a peak of vintage wine, and only getting worse, just as there are beautiful twilight time, then gradually become old, into involution. So wine also need to drink at the appropriate time in order to taste the flavor of its most pinnacle.
Beloved wine storage
Looking for a cool, quiet corner as a place to store wine, to avoid strong or unusual odors (such as paint, durian), and excessive temperature wine; should not be too obsessed with love, always come to appreciate wipe. Wine need is shaking with light stimulation.
Long-term storage, better lying down
To the wine storage for some time, it is best to make the bottle lying down, and its purpose is to make wine in contact with the cork to keep infiltration. If placed upright bottle, cork excessively dry, allow air to enter and destroy the quality of the wine.
How to deal with endless drinking wine
Drinking wine is best able to estimate the amount of alcohol in accordance with the number and the number of open bottles to avoid after opening bottles of wine spoilage. Wholesome drinking red wine, so many families are purchasing home wine to drink slowly. However, the majority of wine on the market today is 750 ml, one drink a day basically finish a bottle of wine. An open wine bottle stopper, began when in contact with air oxidation, can not drink wine like tasteless, tasteless gesture. How to deal with drink endless wine it?
In fact, drinking red wine can not finish to save another small bottle, bottle of wine, because the more air the less oxidized more slowly, saved time will be longer. In addition, you can use a commercially available air extractor or nitrogen bottle of wine to save period can be extended from 3 to 5 days, or even a week. If you do not have to use the appliance, you can also change the original cork stopper head back, and then into the refrigerator (the lower the temperature the slower aging), the best bottle upright to reduce the wine in contact with the air in the bottle
Area. Despite these treatments, it is still recommended that you finish the sooner the better.
Drink the leftover wine can also be used to cook, or adding other made his drink cocktails; conduct a wine bath is also a good one's health.
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