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Collection of wine suitable for investment

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As living standards improve, the rapid growth of the number of investor groups of red wine, wine investment boom rapidly warming. However, due to lack of understanding of wine, a lot of people think the price is high only investment collection wine significance, so wrong to think so. So what kind of wine suitable for investment collection it? Here I gave you talk about!
1 year old has (of course, we must ensure not expired)
This principle similar to the first point, because time away bit by bit, a bottle of wine in the world have been enjoying a bottle, each with a wine bottling doomed her number, so the longer The number can Liuzaishishang the less.
Also, pay attention to vintage wine is a product, each producing a small to a particular winery has its so-called classic vintages (such as 1947 Chateau Cheval Blanc, 1961 Chateau Petrus, etc.), the "classic year" with brief words to explain it is the "good year in sensational super brewed wine."
In addition to the amazing quality of this wine than there a common characteristic, that is very durable, in good condition, saving more than 50 years is a very easy thing. Therefore, investors may not be how this madness.
(2) low yield
As the saying goes: rare thing. Limited investment-grade wine production dispersed into the global market, some of which have been consumed, the remaining production is relatively scarce and amplified investment value. As the number of domestic wine investor groups increased dramatically, so to some extent, the French Bordeaux wine investment grade supply and demand imbalance is more serious than gold.
3 Select celebrity, quality guaranteed winery
Wine, can be said to processed agricultural products, processed beverages, or is a person in a world of art. Quality excellence requires not only simple but good, you can drink out of the story winery wine culture, wine philosophy, customs traits, self-contained collection of unlimited expectations ...... meet, etc. It is in fact small (in the world of wine production to judge). Therefore, with excellent quality and famous wineries wines naturally be favored by collectors and investors, the appreciation of the value of their investment is also logical to set up.
4 wine industry has recognized classic Year
Bordeaux wine investment-grade year of 2005,2000,1996,1995,1990,1989,1986,1982 recognized classic. In addition, investors may be concerned about the world-famous wine critic Parker or authoritative wine magazine "Wine Spectator" is given a rating.
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